FTA is campaigning for policies to create a world class, sustainable, air freight sector. Air freight already accounts 40% of UK imports and exports by value and is crucial for the future of global Britain.  FTA represents businesses across the Air Freight supply chain, including carriers, airports, forwarders, supply companies and shippers in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and fast parcels which rely on Air Freight.

Helping air freight deliver

UK airport capacity is a limiting factor for UK importers and exporters, air freight operators and the British economy.  FTA is working closely with government , members and other stakeholders to support sustainable growth at Heathrow and other airports, and promoting a balanced approach to environmental issues.

FTA research report ‘Sky High Value’ revealed how expansion of Heathrow airport is the correct decision for air freight operators, their customers, and British business. FTA provides a platform for UK air freight suppliers and users to influence their policy positions through their British Shippers' Council.  FTA also administers the Global Shippers' Forum, an international organisation for national and regional shippers’ organisations from across the world.

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New Report shows Air Cargo keeps Britain Trading

A new report from Airlines UK, co-sponsored by FTA, demonstrates the vital contribution that goods moved by air add to the UK economy, and the employment opportunities arising from the complex and high-speed logistics chain that moves products from the warehouse to the runway.

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Air Freight Council

FTA members set our policy messages and campaign strategy through our Policy Councils. The Air Freight Council sets FTA policy on Aviation including the government’s Aviation 2050 Strategy, noise and night operations, climate change and air pollution, Heathrow expansion, air cargo security and specific issues on Brexit affecting this sector. Please see our Council pages for further information.


FTA and the environment

Like many human activities the transportation of goods from A to B by rail, water, road or air all of it has an impact on the environment. Some modes more damaging than others, but the FTA works with all to reduce their effect. 


Sky High Value

A case study based analysis of the restraints on trade caused by limited UK airport capacity, and how and why the Heathrow option is the best answer for UK PLC.


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