By encouraging men to reach out to their friends and colleagues, CALMVan hopes to bring about a behavioural change and continue the charity’s mission to create a more positive and open culture when it comes to mental health.

1 in 5 drivers interviewed for  a recent Mercedes-Benz van report told us they rated their mental health as poor or very poor. Three-quarters of those say work is a contributory factor.

CALMVan wants to start the conversation with van drivers.

Need support or worried about someone?
Head straight over to CALM...

The CALMVan driver resource pack is designed to help start the conversation and make it OK not to be OK.

The pack includes the UNLOAD sticker above and a double-sided ‘tax disc’ sticker below plus a driver leaflet. Packs are £2 each and all profits go directly to CALM.

Packs are available through most van lease and hire companies, from our shop or contact


Gary’s story – a great video from Crossrail showing just how good it is to talk!

mentalhealthatwork – a brilliant website resource.

Our friends at Venson Automotive have produced a really useful white paper on caring for mental health.

Andrew Brown of CALM has presented at our Van Excellence Briefings. Here are his 2018 and 2019 presentations.

If you are a vehicle supplier / convertor / livery provider and want the image files to produce your own stickers or just want more information to support this really important issue – please email

Founding supporters

It’s a cliché but CALMVan couldn’t have happened without the support of our Founding Supporters who have dipped their hands into their pockets – we salute you!

We’d also like to thank Vgroup for their logistical support.