FTA is one of the largest business groups in the UK, supporting, shaping and standing up for efficient logistics.

From medicines to automotive manufacturing parts, bread to computer components, building materials to household rubbish, every part of our lives depends on logistics. From the largest container ship to logistics on foot, we represent them all.

As the only organisation to represent members providing logistics by road, rail, air and sea as well as buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers, we speak to the government and the public with one voice on behalf of the whole sector. This helps us to increase the impact of our messages and achieve amazing results for our members.

Listed below are the key issues that we are currently campaigning on to ensure that logistics can continue to deliver all over Britain every single day. Use the links below to find out more about these issues and what we are calling for.

Keep Britain Trading

The Brexit vote will have important consequences for FTA members across the supply chain. FTA has embraced the challenge. Due to the diversity of FTA membership, we are in a unique position...


Addressing the skills shortage

For a number of years, industry has been concerned about the combined impact of an ageing professional HGV driver workforce and the lack of new entrants coming through.


Investing in infrastructure

The efficient movement of freight in the UK is vital to the economy and must not be stifled by inadequate road or rail infrastrucutre and lack of capacity.



Taxation is one of the single biggest concerns for FTA members. Reducing the cost of logistics would improve business efficiency, make Britain more competitive globally and reduce the cost of goods in the shops.


Fit and proper facilities for lorry drivers

Goods vehicles perform an essential role in delivering the products we all need. While the focus of debate is often on the sustainabilty of the transport network, it is important not to lose sight of the importance of driver facilities. 


Logistics and the environment

We all rely on freight deliveries as part of our everyday lives. Today's HGVs are cleaner than ever, with Euro VI vehicles demonstrably producing 80% lower harmful emissions than their predecessors.


Making best use of all modes

Modes such as rail and inland waterways can offer environmental and cost advantages, particularly where large quantities of goods need to be move over long distances.


Standing up for logistics

Logistics underpins every aspect of modern life. Providing seamless logistics needs a favourable operating environment...


UK International Connectivity

Improving the UK's transport infrastructure, by reducing congestion and unreliability.



The role of urban logistics is rising through the political agenda across local and national government. There are many reasons for this, but the main ones are due to air quality issues, road safety and rising land values, especially in major cities.


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