Keep Britain Trading

Brexit is changing the way the UK trades with the EU and other strategic partners around the Globe. FTA is campaigning for state-of-the-art trade facilitation measures that allow its trader members, and the logistics companies that support them, to keep trading seamlessly with the EU while also forging new global partnerships.

Keep Britain Trading


The new UK-EU relationship will have important consequences for businesses across supply chains, whether they operate globally, at European level or domestically. Through its direct contacts with both UK and European authorities, FTA is actively campaigning to ensure members’ needs are understood and to secure a positive post-Brexit environment for trade and logistics – minimising frictions and red tape and preserving transport connectivity.

FTA is also advocating for best-in-class trade facilitation measures with key commercial partners around the world and a supportive environment for trade, both in the UK and globally. Trade can only thrive if industry is well equipped to deal with formalities and can rely on industry-friendly processes. FTA is both active domestically – by campaigning for funding for training and capacity building in customs and trade, plus a future-looking approach to borders and formalities – and globally, through its membership of the Global Shippers’ Forum.

What is FTA campaigning for?

FTA has four priorities to Keep Britain Trading:

  • To help the UK secure the best possible trade and transport agreement with the EU, that minimises frictions, red tape and costs for traders and their logistics providers and protects transport connectivity.
  • To help maintain trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain as frictionless as possible (in both directions).
  • To ensure appropriate plans are in place should the transition period end without a UK-EU free trade agreement (or with a very limited one) in place.
  • To secure world-class trade facilitation measures for Rest of the World trade, through best-of-class agreements and by being a driving force of the UK future borders agenda.


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Policy Manager


Pauline Bastidon

Head of Global & European Policy 





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