Direct air cargo flights

Temporary air transport connectivity arrangements have been agreed by the EU to allow movement of aircraft between the UK and the EU territory (this is only for a 12-month period). There will still be some restrictions around cabotage for UK operators. Air freight security (ACC3) rules and air connectivty agreements, to enable direct cargo flights to continue, have also been reached.

Can I continue to use or operate air freight to and from the EU?
Yes. There is an agreement on connectivity for 12 months to enable planes to fly to/from the UK and EU. There is an agreement on Air Cargo Security to avoid disruption over security rules. Beyond 12 months, it is unclear what Air Service Agreement will be reached.

General guidance on GOV.UK
CAA Brexit microsite (most up-to-date information)
CAA info for operators
Shippers and forwarders using air freight should use general guidance on business preparedness to ensure paperwork is completed correctly

Flight Trucks

A proportion of air cargo is trucked from EU airports to the UK (approximately 300 trucks per day) for export from Heathrow. This is typically time sensitive, high-value cargo. In the event of a no deal, there are likely to be delays at Dover/Folkstone to Calais; this could delay traffic and will probably require these goods to be flown instead.

Should I continue to use flight trucks to move goods in transit from EU airports to Heathrow?
This will still be possible. However, if there are delays at the main Channel ports, this cargo could be delayed and miss its departure time for re-export from Heathrow. It may be necessary to consider other options (eg, use air connections to alternative UK airports and then deliver to Heathrow).

Goods clearance

UK airports are confident they are prepared for EU exit. Government has confirmed it will not be imposing non-EU checks on EU goods for a period of time. However, customs checks will be required.

Will my goods from the EU be delayed at UK airports?
We are confident this will not be a major issue, provided the government take a relatively light-touch approach to customs compliance (which is what we expect). We are not expecting delays due to other types of border inspection, as the UK government has announced it will not immediately impose product checks (eg, phytosanitary checks) on EU-origin goods entering the UK.

Importers: please refer to your freight forwarder or check the airport for information on delays.
Forwarders/operators: please contact your airport air cargo team.
For operational issues: contact the DfT helpline on 020 7944 6692 or



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