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From 23.00 on the 12 April 2019, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, any driver that travels out of the UK will need to carry specific documentation. These include the following:  
•    Full driving licence 
•    International Driving Permit (IDP)
•    Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) 
•    Valid passport
•    Visa

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Can I drive in the Europe on a UK provisional driving licence? 

You are not allowed to drive abroad on a provisional licence, and to be eligible to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) you must hold a full UK licence.

Do I need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) after the 12 April?  

In the event of 'no deal' or any other agreement, yes. An IDP can be obtained from over 2,500 Post Office outlets and cost £5.50 each. As part of the process of leaving the European Union (EU), the Government ratified the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic; provisions contained within this Convention will allow UK drivers to continue to drive in Europe, but only with a full driving licence and an IDP relevant to that particular country.

How many versions of the International Driving Permit (IDP) are there? 

There are three versions, and you will need to ensure you carry the correct version applicable to the country of travel at any given point. These are:

  • 1926 International Driving Permit – required for Lichtenstein
  • 1949 International Driving Permit - required for Cyprus, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Spain and Iceland
  • 1968 International Driving Permit – required for all other EU countries

If travelling through countries which are signatories to separate conventions (i.e., France and Spain) then two IDPs will need to be carried.

Will my Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) still be recognised if I travel into Europe?

If there’s no deal, automatic recognition of UK-issued CPCs by EU countries will cease. UK legislation will continue to comply with the requirements of the ECMT Quality Charter and the separate European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR). This means UK drivers will be able to operate in the EU when driving trucks covered by an ECMT permit (see vehicle requirements) or any existing, reinstated or new bilateral arrangements without the need of an additional qualification. However, to drive for an EU operator, drivers holding a UK-issued CPC would also need to hold a CPC issued by an EU country.

Do I need to carry my passport?

Yes, you should have at least six months left on your passport from your date of arrival. If you renewed a passport before it expired, up to nine extra months may have been added to your new passport’s expiry date. Any extra months over ten years on your passport may not count towards the six months that should be remaining for travel to most countries in Europe. The new rules will apply to passports issued by the UK, Gibraltar, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Jersey.

Do I need a Visa to travel into Europe?

Current government advice states that, in the event of 'no deal', the European Commission has proposed to grant UK citizens visa-free travel to the Schengen Area ( after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. If there is a 'no deal', you will not need a visa for short trips: you could stay for up to 90 days within any 180-day period (although we do need further clarification on this).

Should you need to stay beyond 90 days within any 180-day period, you will need to check with host country authorities, as visa requirements can vary between EU/EEA member states.


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