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UK vehicle queuing arrangements

Dover/Folkestone & South East England (Operation Brock help)

Operation Brock is the plan to direct Europe-bound goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over to Eurotunnel or the Port of Dover if there is disruption to cross-Channel travel. It avoids the need to close the M20 and helps drivers get to their destination. If you are in a goods vehicle of 7.5 tonnes or over, and travelling to Europe via Eurotunnel or Port of Dover, you must follow Highways England instructions. This will ensure you drive to Eurotunnel or Port of Dover on the safest and quickest route.

How will Dover TAP work during Operation Brock?
In the same way it has operated since 2015. Europe-bound goods vehicles heading to Port of Dover must use the left-hand lane only so all other traffic can use the right-hand lane.

How will M20 junction 8-9 be used during Operation Brock?
If Dover TAP reaches capacity, M20 junction 8-9 will be used. Europe-bound goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over must use the coast-bound carriageway. All other traffic will be directed into a two-way contraflow system on the London-bound carriageway.

How will Manston be used during Operation Brock?
If M20 junction 8-9 reaches capacity, Europe-bound goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over going to Dover will be directed to Manston. All Eurotunnel goods vehicles will continue to use M20 junction 8-9. Welfare facilities such as water, toilets, showers and rubbish bins will be available at Manston in a controlled and monitored area. Once space becomes available at the Port of Dover, you will be directed to it on the A256 road. The A256 will have a TAP system similar to the one on the A20.

How will M26 be used during Operation Brock?
If M20 junction 8-9 reaches capacity for Eurotunnel goods vehicles, the M26 will be made available for use. You will be directed from M26 to M20 junction 8-9 and then on to Eurotunnel.

What happens if I breakdown within Operation Brock?
If you breakdown and are causing an obstruction on the road network that affects Operation Brock, you will be moved to a safe place.

What welfare (such as toilets and water) will there be on the A20, A256, M20 and M26?
Drivers should ensure they have enough food and water in case of delays. Welfare will not be routinely provided on the A20, A256, M20 and M26 when traffic is moving, for safety reasons. Basic welfare provision will only be considered if traffic needs to be held in stationary queues for long periods. There will be welfare at Manston.

Is there a leaflet that explains all the stages of Operation Brock?
Yes, Highways England have provided one here.

For more information, visit Highways England's Operation Brock site here.


Operation Transmission is a contingency plan designed to ensure freight flows freely at Portsmouth International Port in the event the UK exits the EU without a deal.

How do I ensure I can obtain access to Portsmouth International Port?
To prevent delays and avoid cancellations to your travel plans, Portsmouth City Council is advising hauliers follow these instructions:

  • All hauliers bound for the EU will have to show an entry pass when arriving at the Port. These passes will be issued at one of the inland check points, where ferry bookings will be validated. This means no booking, no entry.
  • Hauliers with a valid pass will be fast-tracked so there aren’t hold-ups arriving at the Port. 
  • Special signage will be in place using the standard lorry and ferry symbol directing drivers to a checkpoint.
  • Drivers coming from the north or west (M3, A34, A3) need to use the check point at the A31.
  • Drivers coming from the east (A27) should use the check point at junction 1 on the M275.
  • At the checkpoint, drivers will be asked to show a valid ferry booking reference, and then issued with a Port entry pass to allow travel onto the port.
  • All hauliers without a valid ferry booking will be redirected out of Portsmouth.

A map of the checkpoints is available here.

For more information, visit Portsmouth Port's Exiting the EU guide here.


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