Market access – status of Community Licence to operate in the EU or for transit through the EU to a non-EU country

In a 'no-deal' scenario, UK-issued Community Licences will no longer be valid to operate in the EU. Several alternative market-access instruments will come into play in a 'no-deal' scenario (e.g, ECMT permits, EU contingency measure, UK contingency measure).

I am a UK haulier – do I need ECMT permits to operate in the EU?
Unless you perform any cabotage or cross trade in the EU, you will be able to operate without ECMT permits until the end of 2019. If you want to carry out cross-trade operations in the EU, your cross-trade rights will be gradually phased out throughout 2019, after which you will need ECMT permits.

Some operations are liberalised in a range of countries and do not require permits.

I am a UK haulier – do I need ECMT permits to go to non-EU countries?
Some non-EU countries may have signed bilateral agreements with the UK removing the need for permits. However, transit through the EU territory to reach a non-EU country does require an ECMT permit. 

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