Driver Facilities

Goods vehicles are essential for delivering products we need. While the focus is often on the suitability of the road network and on the efficient utilisation of the vehicles, it is equally vital not to lose sight of the importance of the driver and of driver facilities, which are necessary for welfare needs and the safe operation of the network.

Driver Facilities


It is in all our interests for HGV driving to be an attractive and respected profession and it is vital that there are adequate facilities for drivers to take their breaks and rest periods, as required by regulations. The provision of adequate stopping places provides benefits for drivers, operators, the community and the economy. 

At present, the negative images and experiences related to driver facilities are an obstacle for many people who might otherwise be interested in the logistics profession – most notably female drivers who are chronically under-represented in the profession. 

From Planning Officers in Local Authorities through to central Government and those working in the industry, everyone must recognise their role to play in delivery. 


Key facts

  •  The Department for Transport’s own figures indicate that there are 1400 too few overnight parking spaces for commercial vehicles in the UK.  In 2018 the Minister promised to deliver these spaces.  

  • Highways England has identified two locations in the South East in its possession that could be transformed quickly into overnight parking spaces.  


What is FTA campaigning for?

FTA has three priorities for Driver Facilities:

  • The Government should honour its own commitment to supplying the extra parking spaces 

  • Highways England should moves quickly to bring into use the areas it owns that can be transformed

  • Local Authorities should recognise their important role in the planning process, to permit applications for rest stops/parking areas in places where demand outstrips supply


Policy Manager


Chris Yarsley

Policy Manager -  Road Infrastructure



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