Fit and proper facilities for lorry drivers

Goods vehicles perform an essential role in delivering the products we all need. While the focus of debate is often on the suitability of the transport network and on the efficient operation and utilisation of these vehicles, it is also important not to lose sight of the importance of driver facilities which are vital for the safe operation of the network.

It is in all our interests for HGV driving to be an attractive and respected profession and it is vital that there are sufficient acceptable facilities for drivers to take their breaks and rest periods, as required by regulations. The provision of adequate stopping places provides benefits for drivers, operators, the community and the economy.

What is FTA campaigning for?

FTA has agreed through consultation with members a Driver’s Facilities Charter which recognises the role of the industry in the provision of facilities and looks to national and local government to consider the provision of suitable facilities for drivers in the planning of infrastructure on the road and at development sites.

The charter also sets out expectations of drivers themselves, truck stop and service area operators and operators of distribution centres and other delivery sites.

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