Responses to consultations

FTA submits responses to Parliamentary inquiries, Government departments and other agencies on issues that affect logistics. The views expressed in our responses are those reached following debate within the Councils that form part of our democratic structure (View FTA Councils for more information).

FTA responses


Budget 2018 - submission to the Treasury (September 2018) (PDF)
Periodic review 2018: draft determination (August 2018) (PDF)
The Future of Mobility call for evidence (July 2018) (PDF)
National Planning Policy Framework consultation (May 2018) (PDF)
National Infrastructure Commission Freight Consultation (March 2018) (PDF)
National Infrastructure Commission CCC (January 2018) (PDF)
Heathrow third runway response (June 2017) (PDF)
Future world of work inquiry (December 2016) (PDF)
House of Lords inquiry into Brexit (October 2016) (PDF)
National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence - London (January 2016) (PDF)
National Infrastructure Commission call for evidence - Northern cities (January 2016) (PDF)
Transport Resilience Review (May 2014) (PDF)
Logistics Growth Review and Red Tape Challenge (February 2013) (PDF)
Draft National Policy Statement for National Networks (February 2013) (PDF)

Road - vehicles

Call for Evidence: Brake, Tyre and Road Surface Wear (September 2018) (PDF)
Restricted licence holders: level of financial resources (August 2018) (PDF)
Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for Vans consultation (July 2018) (PDF)
HGV Road User Levy consultation (January 2018)(PDF)
Department for Transport - Technical Changes to Motor Insurance (April 2017)(PDF)
Department for Transport - Extending the first MOT (April 2017)(PDF)
Conclusions of the Triennial Review of the Traffic Commissioners (January 2016)(PDF)
Department for Transport Motoring Services Strategy (January 2016)(PDF)
House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into Road Traffic Law Enforcement (December 2015)(PDF)
Senior Traffic Commissioner's Guidance and Directions consultation (October 2015)
Semior Traffic Commissioner's Driver Conduct - Statutory Document (September 2015)(PDF)
Department for Transport changes to digital tachograph legislation (EU Regulation 165) (May 2015)(PDF)
Department for Transport operator licensing exemptions (March 2015)(PDF)
Department for Transport changes to operator licensing (February 2015)(PDF)
Triennial review of the Traffic Commissioners (January 2015)(PDF)
Department for Transport hgv speed limits on dual carriageways consultation (September 2014) (PDF)
Department for Transport Traffic Signs consultation (June 2014) (PDF)
Transport Select Committee inquiry on Motoring Services Customer Perspective (February 2014) (PDF)
Department for Transport tractor weight and speed (January 2014) (PDF)
Department for Transport Motoring Services Strategy Consultation (March 2013) (PDF)
Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) Post Implementation Review (February 2013) (PDF)

Road - drivers

Department for Transport penalties for using hand held mobile phones while driving (March 2016) (PDF)
Department for Transport fixed penalties for historic drivers' hours offences (August 2014) (PDF)
Department for Transport and Driving Standards Agency review of the Driver CPC (August 2013) (PDF)
Department for Transport consultation on exemptions from Driver CPC (June 2013) (PDF)

Road - road network

Lower Thames Crossing consultation (December 2018) (PDF)
M4 Corridor Public Local Inquiry submission (March 2017)(PDF)
Department for Transport Severn Bridges consultation- Reducing toll prices and other issues (March 2017) (PDF)
Highways England - Managing Freight Vehicles Through Kent (September 2016) (PDF)
Transport Committee - Future of the Severn Crossings inquiry (June 2016) (PDF)
Highways England Lower Thames Crossing route consultation (March 2016) (PDF)
Transport Committee - Operation Stack inquiry (February 2016)(PDF)
Highways England M20 lorry area consultation (January 2016) (PDF)
ORR monitoring of Highways England consultation (June 2015) (PDF)
Highways Agency A14 improvements consultation (June 2014) (PDF)
Highways Agency M1 and M3 environmental speed limit consultation (March 2014) (PDF)

Road - urban operations

Havering Electric Vehicle Charging Point consultation (April 2019) (PDF)
The last mile call for evidence (September 2018) (PDF)
Department for Transport Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy: safety review call for evidence (May 2018) (PDF)
FTA submission Transport Select Committee - urban congestion (December 2016)(PDF)
DfT local authority parking enforcement consultation (February 2014) (PDF)

Climate change and air quality

Building a zero carbon-emission economy (December 2018) (PDF)
City of London Moor Lane Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) pilot consultation (November 2018) (PDF)
Proposals to regulate carbon dioxide emission performance standards for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the UK (November 2018) (PDF)
Camden Clean Air Action Plan (September 2018) (PDF)
Clean Air Strategy (August 2018) (PDF)
Red Diesel (non-road mobile machinery) call for evidence (July 2018) (PDF)
Additional measures to support individuals and businesses affected by local NO2 plans (January 2018)
Category B driver licence derogation for greener vehicles (October 2017) (PDF)
Defra draft air quality plan (June 2017)
Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order proposed amendments (January 2017)(PDF)
Response to London air quality consultation (December 2016)(PDF)
Modern Transport Bill - inclusion of ultra-low emission vehicle measures (November 2016)(PDF)
Energy and Climate Change Committee renewable heat and transport targets inquiry (April 2016)(PDF)
DfT Freight Carbon Review (March 2016)(PDF)
FTA evidence to EFRA committee on air quality (November 2015)(PDF)
HM Treasury review of the business energy efficiency tax landscape (November 2015)(PDF)
Defra Draft Air Quality consultation (November 2015)(PDF)
Scottish Low Emission Strategy consultation (April 2015) (PDF)
Department for Transport - proposed amendments to the RTFO Order 2007 (August 2014) (PDF)
FTA evidence to Environmental Audit Select Committee inquiry - air quality (June 2013) (PDF)
Department for Transport Advanced Fuels - call for evidence (February 2014) (PDF)
Department for Transport Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation review (February 2014) (PDF)
Office for Low Energy Vehicles call for funding allocation (January 2014) (PDF)
Department for Energy and Climate Change Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (Energy Audits) (October 2013) (PDF)

Clean Air Zones

Derby CAZ consultation (September 2018) (PDF)
Southampton CAZ consultation (September 2018) (PDF)
Nottingham CAZ consultation (August 2018) (PDF)
Birmingham CAZ consultation (August 2018) (PDF)
Leeds CAZ consultation (March 2018) (PDF)


Direct Vision Standard Phase 2b consultation (February 2019) (PDF)
Camden Clean Air Action Plan consultation (February 2019) (PDF)
Westminster City Plan 2019-2040 consultation (December 2018) (PDF)
Hammersmith Grove zero-emission zone consultation (December 2018) (PDF)
Hackney - draft Third Local Implementation Plan (December 2018) (PDF)
Oxford Street District Place Strategy and Delivery Plan consultation (December 2018) (PDF)
Camden Draft Transport Strategy for a Healthy, Sustainable Borough (December 2018) (PDF)
Kentish Town Planning Framework consultation (December 2018) (PDF)
Draft Lewisham Local Implementation Plan (November 2018) (PDF)
Changes to the Congestion Charge (September 2018) (PDF)
Safeguarded Wharves Review 2018 (August 2018) (PDF)
Mayor of London - Draft New London Plan (March 2018)(PDF)
TfL ULEZ and LEZ consultation (February 2018)(PDF)
Direct Vision Standard and Safety Permit Scheme (January 2018)(PDF)
London Assembly call for evidence on cycling infrastructure (January 2018)(PDF)
Oxford Street Transformation (January 2018)(PDF)
Increasing penalties for TfL PCNs (November 2017)(PDF)
Cycle Superhighway 9 consultation (October 2017)(PDF)
Mayor's Transport Strategy consultation (October 2017)(PDF)
Proposed changes to the London Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (June 2017)(PDF)
Oxford Street Transformation consultation (July 2017)(PDF)
Transport for London Direct Vision Standard consultation (April 2017)(PDF)
London Assembly investigation into traffic congestion (September 2016) (PDF)
Mayor's air quality consultation (July 2016) (PDF)
Further Improving Lorry Safety consultation (March 2016) (PDF)
TfL East London River Crossings consultation (February 2016) (PDF)
TfL Silvertown Tunnel consultation (November 2015) (PDF)
Labour manifesto for London (November 2015) (PDF)
TfL Ultra-low emissions zone consultation (January 2015) (PDF)
TfL North-South and East-West Cycle Superhighways consultation (November 2014) (PDF)
TfL Cycle Superhighway 2 - between Aldgate and Bow consultation (October 2014) (PDF)
TfL Safer Lorry Scheme consultation (September 2014) (PDF)
TfL River Crossings consultation (September 2014) (PDF)
Transformation of Tottenham Court Road consultation (August 2014) (PDF)
TfL draft Cycle Safety Action Plan (July 2014) (PDF)
TfL changes to the London Congestion Charge (March 2014) (PDF)
Southwark Borough-wide 20mph limit consultation (March 2014) (PDF)
London Councils proposed amendments to the London Lorry Control Scheme (March 2014) (PDF)
Central London Cycling Grid consultation (February 2014) (PDF)
City of London 20mph zone consultation (February 2014) (PDF)

South East England

Milton Keynes Transport Strategy (February 2018)(Word)
Slough Borough Council Poyle Road bus gateway and width restriction (December 2016)(PDF)
Kent County Council Fourth Local Transport Plan (October 2016) (PDF)
Vale of White Horse District Council Air Quality Action Plan (August 2014) (PDF)
West Berkshire Freight Strategy consultation (August 2014) (PDF)
Brighton and Hove 20mph zone consultation (February 2014) (PDF)

East of England

Cambridge City Deal - tackling congestion (October 2016)(PDF)

South Central England

Oxfordshire City Council Zero Emission Zone (June 2017)


Scottish Low Emission Strategy consultation (April 2015) (PDF)


Welsh Assembly inquiry into Welsh ports and Brexit (May 2017)(PDF)
Welsh Affairs Committee Future of the Severn Crossings inquiry (April 2016) (PDF)