How to Install Panasonic KV-S1025C Scanner

In order to scan tachograph charts you will need to install a Panasonic KV-S1025C Scanner.

There are 4 parts of the scanner install; Panasonic Scanner Install sometimes known as Panascan, TWAIN driver, User Utility and Tachograph utility.

We would recommend that they are installed in the following order;
1) Panasonic Scanner Install/Panascan
2) Twain Drivers
3) User Utility
4) Tachograph Utility
We advise that the scanner is NOT connected to the PC during the installation process.
Please Note: We advise that the scanner is NOT connected to the PC during the installation process.
1) To Install Panasonic scanner/ Panascan – click here and follow the on screen prompts
2) To install the Twain Drivers click here and follow the on screen prompts
3) To install the User Utility click here and follow the on screen prompts
 Installation of the Scanner User utility will create an icon on your desktop.
The User Utiliy options allows you to check that the scanner is connected and working properly.

 4) Install the Panasonic Tachograph Utility here. This is required to enable tachograph charts to be scanned using this equipment.
Connecting the scanner
After completing the installation the scanner can be connected to the PC and switched on.
We recommend that you select a USB port on the PC and leave the scanner connected to it.
If for any reason it needs to be disconnected from the PC, always reconnect to the same USB port.
The following information will be shown on your PC in the bottom right hand corner.

To check that the scanner has installed properly and is ready to use click on the Panasonic Scanner User Utility to check the scanner status.
And Finally
You should set the Panasonic Tachograph User Utility in order that tachograph charts can be scanned
Click on the icon on your Desktop illustrated below;
Then select "on (custom setting)" and "Set" and then "Close."


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