Drivers’ hours, records and tachographs

Primarily for the reasons of road safety the hours a driver can drive a lorry on the road are strictly controlled by a series of regulations known collectively as the drivers’ hours’ rules. The two main areas of legislation concerning drivers’ hours’ are the EU drivers’ hours’ rules and the GB domestic rules covering drivers who are exempted from the EU rules. The issues covered are maximum driving times, breaks, and minimum rest periods. Also in this section are items covering the tachograph, a device used to record driver activities including number of hours driving or carrying out other work.

Information on the topics below is available to FTA members by clicking on any available links or by downloading Rules on Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs or the Drivers' hours, records and tachographs chapter of the Yearbook of Road Transport Law

  • Which rules apply?
  • EU hours rules
  • Tachographs
  • Faulty digital tachograph cards
  • Gaps in registration number (digital tachograph)
  • Domestic hours rules
  • Written records
  • Mixed driving rules and records
  • Working time and absences

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