Compliance & Advice

Road topics

Abnormal loads

Construction and use of vehicles

Key points on vehicle construction

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Dangerous goods

Information on topics relating to dangerous goods

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Driving licences and Driver CPC

Environment and emissions

Initiatives to reduce emissions from The Environment Agency and TfL

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Food distribution

Guidance on food hygiene laws

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Tips to maximise fuel efficiency

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Insurance, risk management and loss control

Summary of the legal expectations for insurance

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International Road Freight

Guidance on international road freight

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Lighting, markers and reflectors

Local authority activities

Legal requirements for operating local authority vehicles

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Passenger transport

Information about passenger vehicle operation legislation

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Special vehicles

Legislation relating to specialised categories of vehicles

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Trade licences

Licences for motor traders and vehicle testers

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Type approval

Testing and approving a vehicle for compliance with UK standards

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Vehicle excise licensing

Guidelines around vehicle excise licensing

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Vehicle registration and purchasing

Guidance on loaning, purchasing and registering a vehicle

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Weight and dimensions

Vehicle weight and dimensions regulations

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Health and safety

Information relating to Corporate Manslaughter legislation and other issues

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Rail freight and the UK Supply Chain

Rail freight infrastructure

Rail freight infrastructure and maps

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Shifting to Rail Freight

Case studies and advice for those considering using rail as a mode of transportation

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Air freight in the UK

Information about the role of air freight in the UK

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Heathrow Airport

Information about the Heathrow Airport expansion

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Economic, Fuel and Costs

Information about the fuel market

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Logistics Agenda

FTA manifesto outlining priorities in the logistics sector

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Oil Bulletin

View the latest EU Oil Bulletin

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Outsourcing logistics

Guidance for fleet operators deciding whether to outsource logistics requirements.

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Skills Shortage

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The Budget

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Climate Change Policy

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme

The LERS is a voluntary industry initiative to record, report and reduce transport emissions. It allows the UK logistics sector to publicly report its contribution towards national emission reduction targets.

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Road traffic

Model Conditions of Carriage & Storage

Examples of Carriage and Storage terms

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