FTA's Coronavirus Advice Hub

FTA is focused on supporting the industry at this critical time. As well as our ongoing discussions with government about the response, we have also built this COVID-19 resource hub, which includes:

  • Links to important government and industry advice.
  • Results from our Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey, as well as the link to the ongoing Survey.
  • FTA's asks to government to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and society.
  • How FTA is helping logistics companies continue to keep their fleet legal, compliant and safe, whilst minimising the risk of infection to staff – updates on COVID-19 response from FTA Services.
  • Details of a rapid strategic supply chain review, delivered by our expert consultants, to identify and mitigate supply chain risks, or test or supplement your existing emergency planning. 

Government advice

Government and industry advice on the COVID-19 crisis.

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FTA's Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey

FTA's Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey is focused on identifying how operators and purchasers of logistics transport services are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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What are we asking government to do?

FTA's asks to government to ease the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and society.

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FTA's Freight Councils move online

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to change the format of all regional Freight Councils for this round from a physical meeting to a one-hour webinar.

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FTA Services' response

FTA are doing everything within our control to ensure we can continue to deliver the services that keep your operation legal, compliant and safe whilst minimising the risk of infection for our members' and our staff. 

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Covid-19 Strategic Supply Chain Review

A strategic supply chain review will enable companies to map potential issues as the impact of the current pandemic developments.

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Your feedback matters

Businesses will have many questions about how the coronavirus pandemic may impact on their operations. FTA is supporting the vital work of the logistics sector by gathering issues, questions and intelligence to feed into our regular discussions as we speak on behalf of logistics to government.

Please use our online form to share your feedback.