Covid-19 Strategic Supply Chain Review

FTA offers a strategic-level supply chain review, to enable companies to map potential issues and resolutions to the impact of the pandemic as it develops.

The assessment is carried out remotely (via Skype) by our supply chain consultancy team, and supported by data analysis.

The key focus is on business continuity and service. The service provides a list of practical initiatives that builds on the government advice and adds supply chain contingency plans.


The review would create a model of existing flows to enable an ongoing review of:

  • Potential problem areas with inbound supply and outbound deliveries.
  • Asses critical failure points (for example, labour availability, fuel shortages and other events).
  • Impact on storage and inventory, either from slowing or speeding up of goods through the supply chain.
  • Impact of lowering service standards from suppliers.
  • Review model for likely supply chain issues as the level of infection increases, and assess by region where necessary.
  • Consider new solutions if they become necessary.


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