FTA Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey

FTA's Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey is focused on identifying how operators and purchasers of logistics transport services are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

The survey results will be used to provide timely feedback and information to FTA members on the impacts and risk mitigation measures as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

The results will also be used to inform our briefings to government and officials, including at the multiple meetings the Chief Executive is having with the Secretary of State for Business, Environment and Industry Strategy (BEIS). 

FTA will comply with the GDPR and relevant data protection laws when processing the information respondents provide in this survey. The information is confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party. Data is collected using a security-encrypted link to ensure protection for sensitive information. 

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete. 

All completed forms are confidential and no company names or details will be disclosed to any third party.


This week's survey is now closed; thank you to everyone who responded. Please use the link below to view the results from last week's survey.

View survey results