Webinar recordings

Click on the links below to view the recordings from our January/February 2020 Member Breifing webinars:

FTA Compliance Calendar  
What lies in store for the Transport Manager in 2020?  The FTA Member Advice Centre will look at the issues that TMs will need to keep in mind for the year ahead and beyond.  

Safe loading of Vehicles 
DVSA and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have taken a keener inters in the secure and safe loading of vehicles in recent years and there have been some recent changes in the way this is enforced.  The FTA Member Advice Centre will look at what you need to ensure from your drivers and any staff involved in the loading of vehicles.   

Seven mistakes transport managers make
The Traffic Commissioners have identified the seven most common mistakes that they see transport managers have made when they come before them at Public Inquiry.  FTA has teamed up with Weightman’s Legal Firm to investigate why they happen and what you can do as a transport manager to make sure you don’t fall into the same traps.