Van excellence & Hertz - Van Operations: Your Responsibilities

Nottingham | 18 September 2019

Operating vans can be a risky and costly business. The penalties for getting it wrong can be considerable with the potential for large fines and prison sentences.

Mark Cartwright, Head of Vans, FTA will look at the valuable support available to all operators in managing their operational standards and the benefits from Van Excellence. Van Excellence is a best practice programme available to all van operators regardless of size, sector or FTA membership.

Then join us on The Hertz Circuit, an interactive session hosted by our Gold Partners Hertz.

This FREE event will allow Fleet Directors, Business Owners and other key decision makers the opportunity to interact and experience first-hand the van fleet and their operational capabilities in service provision, technological innovation, partner integration and compliance.

Register now to book your place on The Hertz Circuit on 18 September in Nottingham.