Future Data


Data is the exciting engine room for future logistics. This stream examines the biggest drivers, what’s happening in technology and how it will likely impact transport and logistics.


Day One


What do we mean by data in the freight, passenger and energy sectors?

Introductory Session

We all know that data is changing the way we live, work and manage our businesses, but what role does data play in the freight, passenger and energy sectors? In our first 'Future Data' session, our panellists will share their expertise spanning a range of sectors and set the tone for the rest of the conference.


The future for load sharing

Case Studies

Road transport is one of the main drivers of the global economy. By sharing loads, companies can optimise routes, increase the occupancy of vehicles and minimise environmental impact. We explore how easy companies have found it to realise the potential benefits.


The future for data driven DCs

Case Studies

Next-generation supply chains will use connected, intuitive and automated solutions that will add speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness to the logistics industry. Our panel of experts from key UK companies will walk you through this using real-life case studies and experiences.


Telematics and route optimisation to increase efficiency

Practical Advice

Making transport more efficient, for your company, clients and the environment, is one of the priorities for any logistics company. The smart use of data, algorithms and processes is a key part of this. Our speakers will demonstrate how to implement this strategy and generate a good return.


Day Two


Futuregazing: what could data do?


This session looks further ahead to the future and is designed to challenge many of the assumptions of your business and our industry. If we looked afresh at our needs and business operations, what could data really help us achieve?


Data investment: is your data really valuable?

Practical Advice

We are told that the data we hold is valuable. But is it? This session examines the value of your data and how to get most out of it.


What is the role of open data? 

Expert Opinions

There are many examples of open data providing benefits for customers, companies and governments alike in the transport sector. In this session you will hear from experts from different backgrounds, who will provide a clear picture of how open data is already one of the key drivers in the journey towards a more efficient logistics operation.


What’s next for mobile telecoms?

Expert Opinions

5G and other technologies will drive a revolution in terms of speed and accessibility, with numerous applications already identified across logistics. But how can you be prepared for, and maximise the opportunities these can bring?


What else can technology do for passengers, payments and journeys?

Case Studies

Technology already helps us to plan our journeys and make quicker payments. This session examines how the industry can keep up with the tech-savvy customers' ever-increasing needs, and leverage technology to improve the customer experience and the bottom line.


Turning data into information, knowledge and competitive advantage

Case Studies

Decision making using data can make great businesses even more successful, competitive and efficient. But how can you make sure that you are using the right data in the right way? The experts on our panel will provide guidelines, advice and case studies on how to manage data, and get it to work for you. 

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