Future Business Strategies


How might transport and logistics businesses need to change to adapt to future requirements? What new business models will be needed? How will they manage change, resilience and risk? And how can the government help the private sector deliver?


The basics: how does the logistics sector work; how does the energy sector work?

Introductory Session

This is an entry-level seminar for energy organisations looking to work with the logistics industry, and logistics companies looking to work with the energy industry. What do you need to know to create business propositions across these sectors? 


Which business models will succeed in the future?

Panel Debate

The business models of top logistics companies have traditionally been built around speed, reliability, customer service and shaving margins. But what business models will be essential to the value chain of the future with new types of customers and services? Will traditional areas remain key or will logistics companies need to redesign their strategies and innovate to survive?


Successful collaboration

Case Studies

Delivering net-zero will require more collaboration across digital, energy and transport sectors to find new ways of operating and doing business. To help you find your way to the future, we will showcase successful case studies of collaboration, highlighting approaches, benefits and how challenges were overcome.


How to fund the future: strategies for finance, investment, risks and opportunities

Expert Opinions

What funding is required to fund an environmentally friendly future full of technological innovations? What financial paths are available to meet the investing needs of your businesses and to maximise your return? 


Public sector support: what help does industry need from government?

Solving Problems

Innovation and the introduction of new technologies is critical to road transport's ability to deliver a net zero future. But this can only be done with confidence if there is strong collaboration between the government and the industry. This seminar provides an opportunity to discuss what policy and other interventions by government industry requires to deliver on the challenges ahead.


How can we influence consumer behaviour so that our supply chains can become more efficient and we can reach net zero?

Solving Problems

A few years ago, we didn’t know we wanted next day delivery. Now we expect it and ideally for free. And a few months ago, we didn’t know we wanted next hour delivery. Supply chains are adapting to this new customer need, but potentially at the expense of the environment, the perceived value of those employed in the logistics industry, and industry margins. Is it possible to influence consumer behaviour in the right way?


How to build a successful last mile logistics operation

Practical Advice

The transport options available for last mile deliveries are expanding, at the same time as restrictions on commercial transport are becoming more complex. Experts will present their experiences, recommendations and advice to help you to build a successful last mile of your supply chain.


What leadership will be required for the future


Transforming the processes, methods and culture of your organisation so it is fit for the future is a delicate and long-term process that requires determination and focus. What types of leaders will we need in the future? 


Attracting, developing and retaining talent in the sector

Practical Advice

Attracting and retaining talent is essential for the current and future success of all logistics companies. How can you develop the right strategies to attract and keep the best, and compete not just against other companies, but against other industries?


Futuregazing: what strategies do we need to achieve net zero?


This session looks further ahead to the future and is designed to challenge many of the assumptions of your business and our industry. If we looked more honestly at our collective desire to achieve net zero, what do we really need to do to achieve it, and how uncomfortable would it be?

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