FTA 'No-Deal' Brexit Web Briefing for Logistics Managers

Can you afford not to be ready? | Webinar | 7 March 2019

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What shippers, carriers and forwarders need to do ... now!

FTA has been at the heart of the debate on Brexit, standing up for logistics as the go-to expert across national media, lobbying Government on an agenda to Keep Britain Trading. FTA is advising logistics managers to advance their preparations for a 'No-Deal' Brexit.

To help businesses navigate this uncharted territory, FTA will be holding a series of exclusive webinars, 'No-Deal' Brexit Briefings for Logistics Managers. Whilst nearly everyone in logistics hopes no-deal will not happen, this webinar helps to ensure you are ready whatever happens on March 29 or beyond. Can you take the risk?

Hosted by FTA’s internationally-renowned team of Brexit experts, the webinar will be essential listening for any business involved in logistics and the movement of goods between the EU and UK. The two-hour sessions will provide a comprehensive guide to 'no-deal' planning across all transport modes: road, sea, air and rail.


The webinars will be available FREE OF CHARGE to our Brexit Expert Service subscribers. Learn more and subscribe...


Take part in the web briefing on 7 March 2019 to get answers to questions like:

1. “As an exporter and an importer will I need to make a Customs Declaration and if so how do I do it?”

2. “What will be my responsibilities as an international haulier and what documentation will my driver need to carry?”

3. “Do I need a haulage permit to transport goods to Ireland from Great Britain and will I need to pay Customs Duty?”

4. “What transit procedures are available for UK imports arriving in EU ports from the Far East?”

5.  “Will my EU drivers still be able to work in the UK after a 'no-deal' Brexit and will they need a passport?”


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