Sponsorship and advertising opportunities


Why choose FTA for sponsorship and advertising?

FTA has 17,500 members who operate over 50% of the UK's lorry fleet, over 30% of UK vans and deliver 90% of freight moved by rail and 70% of UK visible exports by sea and air. So we're a great way to reach your target audience.

What advertising opportunities are available?

FTA have a wide variety of both print and digital advertising opportunities availble to suit your business. For example, FTA recently launched a digital version of their industry-leading Freight & Logistics magazine, providing companies moving goods with information on the issues affecting the transport industry. This monthly email is sent to over 22,700 contacts in roles ranging from Transport Manager, to executive level Director. There are two different banners available to purchase which are placed within the copy of this email. In Q2 2019, FTA are aiming to launch a new Freight & Logistics online portal which will offer the opportunity for your business to sponsor content, and advertise through web banners which will reach an engaged, high level audience.

Find out rates and costs

Take a look at the price breakdowns for the following publications.

What sponsorship opportunities are available?

FTA are constantly developing new and exciting events for the logistics indurty and can work with you to develop a bespoke sponsorship package to meet your needs. 2019 events include:

  • Transport Manager seminars
  • Logistics Leaders and topical conferences
  • Van Excellence Operational Briefings
  • Logistics Awards

Plus many more!

How do I find more information?

For more information on sponsorship and advertising opportunities, you can view our 2019 Media Pack, or contact Will Reeves via email, or phone on 01892 552211.

View our 2019 Media Pack