Grow With Us

At FTA, we’ll give you every opportunity to show us what you’re capable of. Here are some examples of employees who have risen through the ranks or changed their area of focus:

Natalie Day

Key Contract Manager - Tachofta

When did you start with FTA?


Career Path

Chart Administrator -> Compliance Advisor -> PCN Administrator -> PCN Team Leader -> PCN Manager -> Key Contract Manager, Tacho

What has your experience of working for FTA been like?

My progression through FTA has provided me with a great sense of fulfilment. From originally going into work every day to perform a role as an analyst to wanting to take on new challenges through Tacho and FTAs PCN Service. Throughout my career with FTA, I have been very well supported and always encouraged to develop and believe in my ability and to overcome challenges. I have gained many different skills from problem solving, time management, critical thinking, self-confidence and handling pressure all of which has led to an inspiring full-time career.

I have gained a lot of experience in an organisation that I am proud to be a part of. I have particularly enjoyed how much I have developed on a personal level. I feel I have finally found a way to harness my expertise to make the positive impact to members and colleagues that I desire in a career.

James Sinclair

Contract Manager - VIS

When did you start with FTA?


Career Path

VIS Contract Administrator -> Contract Manager, VIS

What has your experience of working for FTA been like?

My progression shows FTA’s commitment and willingness to promote from within.  It was a big change in role and I am grateful for the support and guidance I was given which helped me successfully achieve the targets and goals of the position.

Alex Lester

Customer Service Manager

When did you start with FTA?


Career Path

Contract Coordinator -> Contract Administrator -> Team Leader VIS Admin -> Member Services Centre Team Leader -> Customer Service Manager

What has your experience of working for FTA been like?

I joined when I was 18 as my first job and I had no real expectations of what it would be like or where it would go. I really enjoyed working with the team and the work was interesting but I always wanted to do more.

After a couple years I took on additional larger contracts and was promoted to VIS Contracts Coordinator. Then around 2009 I was promoted to VIS Admin Team Leader. This was when I really enjoyed my role and the different challenges involved.

I had both my children and came back to the FTA after maternity leave as I just have always wanted to have a career, I enjoyed the work and the people and FTA helped adjust my hours so I could do work and look after my girls.

There was a restructure within the business and I became team leader for both the VIS and Tacho admin teams. This was away from concentrating just on VIS like I had previously and although that was daunting at first it was a good change for me and allowed me to really develop in my new role. I took on big challenges and actually really enjoyed being busy.

After regionalising the Member Services Admin teams into 5 regions and becoming Customer Services team I was promoted to Customer Services Manager. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I am busy all the time with lots going on but I enjoy my job and really feel like I have come a long way in the time I have been here. I love that I am lucky to fit it around my children and still have a career.

Jenny Walters

Head of HR

When did you start with FTA?


Career Path

HR Business Advisor -> HR Business Manager -> Head of HR

What has your experience of working for FTA been like?

I joined FTA on a temporary contract however after 3 months I was made permanent. After 2 years in post I was promoted to HR Business Manager and then in 2017 I became Head of HR. The opportunities I’ve had are not just from my own hard work but also the great support I have from my manager, team and peers. Working at FTA gives me the freedom to implement new ideas, develop practices and challenge the status quo. All of which I believe have been instrumental in accelerating my career to where it is today.

Keith Gray

General Manager – Training, Audit and Accreditation

When did you start with FTA?


Career Path

Transport Analyst -> Training Instructor -> Logistics Course Developer -> Training Operations Manager -> General Manager - Training -> General Manager – Training, Audit and Standards

What has your experience of working for FTA been like?

The MAC is a unique place in our industry, providing breadth and depth to your transport knowledge. This knowledge gave me the confidence to ask for a move into Training. However, I quickly learned that it isn’t really about what you know as Trainer – it’s about what the delegates know and using your knowledge to check their understanding. You get great satisfaction from seeing people learn and improve.

The next move to Ops Manager was a big step up but I was given the support I needed to learn the requirements and grow into the role. This role really made me understand that it’s the combined efforts of a team that achieve great things. You can’t do everything on your own, and you’ll find that there are others who can do a much better job of most things anyway!

As a General Manager, your mindset needs to change from tactical to strategic. You need to have a clear idea about the direction of the business and not focus too much on ‘how’ things get done, particularly when you’re in an established team that you trust. This is a lot easier said than done and it’s something I continue to work on - it’s hard to let go of the skills that you strived to learn.

I’ve completed a couple of qualifications during my journey at FTA. I once thought that this was the only way to prove your abilities. What I think now though, is that you learn much more from the application of knowledge in a working environment. So, if you want to improve as a manager, ask for training. But if you want to hone the skills you’ve learned, ask for assignments and ask for feedback.