FTA Councils

What are FTA Councils?

The policy positions adopted by FTA are determined by the members of its Freight Councils and through democratic meetings, FTA is directed in responding to Government consultations and influencing future policies.

FTA Councils convene at regular meetings for FTA members that give those in the logistics industry the chance to:

  • learn about policies being proposed by UK, regional and local government and their agencies and their implications for logistics operations – aimed at helping future-proof your operation
  • help decide FTA’s response to proposals – ensuring the needs of your company are taken into consideration in what we say
  • network with your peers in the industry

How are FTA Councils structured?

13 freight councils from across the UK report into three modal UK councils: Road Freight Council, Rail Freight Council and British Shippers' Council.  These three UK councils then ultimately report into the Freight Transport Council, which is chaired by the President of FTA.

Working Groups

Councils may establish working groups either to investigate specific issues, on an ad hoc basis, or to consider specific areas of policy on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Working groups include:

How can I become an FTA Council member?

All FTA members are entitled to attend any of our freight councils.  To request to attend contact Tracy Seager at FTA, on 01892 552285.

Please enquire online to join one of the FTA Councils or Working Groups.

Already a Council member?

Council members can gain access to the latest council information including meeting dates, minutes, activity reports and documentation by using the links provided to the right of this page.