Rail Freight Council

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John Carpenter, Lafarge Aggregates Ltd 
Vice Chairs 
John Chapman, Intermodality LLP 
Alex Veitch
Amanda Cooper 
Hermes House, St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9UZ 
Tel: 01892 552220   Fax: 01892 552352 

Meeting Dates  

Thursday 7 February 2019 
Thursday 9 May 2019
Thursday 4 July 2019
Thursday 7 November 2019

Meeting venue 

One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA 
Tel: 020 7665 2323 


Meeting notes

Rail Freight Council Minutes, 9 November 2017

Rail Freight Council Minutes, 6 July 2017

Rail Freight Council Minutes, 4 May 2017

Rail Freight Council Minutes, 2 February 2017