Freight and Logistics Magazine

What is Freight & Logistics magazine?

Freight & Logistics Magazine is our monthly publication that provides you with information on the issues affecting the transport industry. Freight & Logistics also keeps you abreast of the work we’re doing for the industry.

What kinds of news will I find?

Freight & Logistics is packed with news stories on a broad range of issues affecting the logistics industry, from key campaigns to new road schemes. One of the magazine’s regular features is a compliance advice section, where members can discover more about the various operator’s licence undertakings. Plus, there’s a regular ‘Headliners’ section, featuring the month’s must-read news stories.

View the latest edition of Freight and Logistics Magazine

In the latest edition of Freight and Logistics Magazine, you will find:

  • Clearing the air – Freight & Logistics reports on the Government’s target to slash HGV emissions
  • Dangerous deliveries – Freight & Logistics unveils FTA’s multimodal Dangerous Goods Academy
  • Brexit insights – Freight & Logistics includes a full report on FTA’s second Keep Britain Trading conference
  • Licensing logistics – Freight & Logistics talks to new DVLA chief Julie Lennard in one of her first interviews
  • Vote of confidence – Freight & Logistics reveals airport chief’s next steps for Heathrow
  • Back on track – Freight & Logistics profiles Logistics Award winner Freightliner

The industry’s commitment to support the Government’s target to reduce HGV emissions by 15 per cent is the cover story for the September issue of Freight & Logistics.

Post-Brexit uncertainty over the rights of the EU workforce in the UK and how the introduction of Clean Air Zones risks pricing trucks out of UK cities are the other ‘headliner’ stories for this issue.

Dangerous goods is the focus of the pull-out Compliance Advice section, which also unveils FTA’s new Dangerous Goods Academy. And we talk to Julie Lennard, DVLA’s new Chief Executive, in one of her first interviews since taking her new role.

Features include a full report on FTA’s second Keep Britain Trading conference and after receiving overwhelming backing for expansion in a recent Parliamentary vote, Heathrow’s Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye outlines the next steps for the airport.

FTA members can also view Freight and Logistics recent editions.

How do I get Freight & Logistics magazine?

As an FTA member you’ll receive a free copy of Freight & Logistics magazine each month. There are 10 issues per year. For additional copies, at a subscription rate of £40 (non-members £45), please call Will Reeves on 01892 552211 or email

Can we advertise in Freight & Logistics Magazine?

Yes, numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available. Take a look online or contact Will Reeves by email or phone on 01892 552211.

Freight and Logistics Magazine

Take a look at recent editions of Freight & Logistics Magazine. Contact Will Reeves by email or phone on 01892 552211. 

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