Logistics Magazine

What is Logistics Magazine?

Logistics Magazine is a monthly publication that is sent to FTA members and senior business people working across the supply chain. It is packed with news, features and interviews, as well as useful information on compliance and legislation so crucial to the safety of all transport operations.

What kind of content does it contain?

Logistics Magazine tackles the big issues facing logistics, from technology and innovation to infrastructure and decarbonisation. It is one of the few publications to report on the industry across all modes – road, rail, sea and air.

What are the regular features?

One of the magazine’s regular features is a compliance advice section, where readers can discover more about key issues including agency drivers, the safe loading of vehicles and Clean Air Zones. Plus, there’s a regular ‘Headliners’ section, featuring the month’s must-read news stories.

What is its reach?

Logistics Magazine has a reach that rivals and exceeds that of many trade titles and offers a great way to access an often hard-to-reach audience.

View the latest edition of Logistics Magazine


In the latest edition of Logistics Magazine, you will find:

Heathrow expansion right for UK plc

FTA’s positive reaction to the contents of Heathrow’s Airport Expansion Consultation is the cover story for the second issue of our new-look Logistics Magazine. Other headline stories are FTA’s dismay at the details contained in the government’s Yellowhammer document and FTA celebrating signing its 18,000th member.

In the second of our series of ‘in profile’ interviews, we talk to Chris Southworth, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce UK, about trade wars, Brexit and the rise of protectionism. Features include the unveiling of the world’s first self-driving roadmap, UPS’ launch of its hybrid electric-diesel fleet, plus the nominees for the third annual Logistics Awards.


The safe loading of vehicles is the subject of this month’s compliance section.

Heathrow expansion right for UK plc – Logistics Magazine reports on recent Heathrow consultation

Trading insights – Logistics Magazine talks to ICC UK Secretary General Chris Southworth

Advent of autonomy – Logistics Magazine reports on world’s first self-driving roadmap

Hybrid solution – Logistics Magazine covers the launch of UPS’ fleet of hybrid vehicles

Nominees named – Logistics Magazine publishes the nominee shortlist for the Logistics Awards 2019

Streets ahead – Logistics Magazine talks to FTA’s road policy lead on the future of the UK’s motorways


FTA members can also view recent editions of its previous publication Freight & Logistics

How can I receive a copy of Logistics Magazine?

As an FTA member you’ll receive a free copy of Logistics Magazine each month. There are 10 issues per year. For additional copies, at a subscription rate of £50 (non-members £55), please call Will Reeves on 01892 552211 or email wreeves@fta.co.uk

Can we advertise in Logistics Magazine?

Yes, numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available. Take a look online or contact Will Reeves by email or phone on 01892 552211.

Logistics Magazine

Take a look at recent editions of Logistics Magazine. Contact Will Reeves by email or phone on 01892 552211. 

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