Non-vehicle Operator Membership

Who is this membership for? 

FTA Non-vehicle Operator Membership is for organisations that do not own their own vehicles. This may be due to out-sourcing of transport and logistics requirements or maybe you are a supplier or consultant to the industry that are looking for information or networking opportunities. 

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What benefits will you gain from joining? 

The benefits for Non-vehicle operator members are wide ranging depending on your individual requirement. Whether you manage the outsourcing of your transport requirements, are looking for key industry information or want to network amongst key industry players, there are opportunities available through joining FTA. Benefits may include: 

Information and Advice 

Our position at the forefront of the logistics industry and policy formation ensures we can quickly pass on accurate and up-to-date information and advice via numerous channels such as: 

Influence and Representation 

Our Freight Councils offer members the opportunity to get actively involved in influencing FTA’s policy agenda. There are Regional and National Councils that cover issues affecting road, rail, sea and the wider supply chain and we have a key presence in the UK and Europe. 

Operational and Business Support 

 FTA members get exclusive savings across a range of our products and services. For Non-vehicle Operator members we also offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities at preferential rates. Additionally, FTA members can access exclusive services including: 

  • Online Supplier Directory - the ideal place to advertise your products and services, our directory puts your business at the fingertips of over 25,000 potential buyers
  • Use of the FTA member logo on your company stationery and website 
  • Fuel Price Information - receive advice from top industry experts and ensure you are saving on fuel purchases

In addition to great savings is the Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs - This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs. Add this additional benefit (£200).

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Do you need more information? 

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