FTA’s KATE – Knowledge, Awareness, Training and Education

KATE enables you to get safety messages, training and compliance updates to your entire fleet in just a couple of clicks

Keeping you connected to your drivers while they are on the move...

What is this service?

KATE stands for Knowledge, Awareness, Training and Education and is a brand-new platform that enhances driver training programmes through the delivery of instant content straight to your drivers' mobile devices - wherever they may be.

What are the key features?

Bringing all your drivers in for safety and compliance training can present logistical challenges but improving driver performance is a high priority.

Using the KATE content delivery platform on a computer or tablet, you and your team can schedule and send training content in the following four easy steps:

  • Select content
  • Select topic
  • Assign schedule
  • Select drivers and send

KATE enables you to:

Get your safety message/training to all remote drivers in a few clicks

Inform your full fleet of new compliance updates in a matter of minutes and drive daily awareness

Reduce the risk of accidents/incidents

Validate learning and keep a record of training to identify gaps

More information

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