Fuel Price Information Service

In partnership with Portland, gives you invaluable advice on when to buy or hold fuel purchases.

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What is this service?

Our Fuel Price Information Service, in partnership with Portland Fuel, is an additional subscription service available to FTA members that helps you control and benchmark your transport costs.

What are the benefits?

Close to the market

Portland provides daily fuel price assessments, constantly updating its database as it receives fresh information

Industry experts

the team at Portland Fuel lives and breathes fuel; how it is extracted, shipped, traded, imported, priced, bought, distributed, taxed and consumed

Region specific

ensure you are getting the right price in the right location with our regional specific price breakdowns

Save money

with access to minute by minute daily fuel prices, daily or weekly price updates and suggestions on when to buy or hold your fuel purchases, we can save you hundreds of pounds on each full load

What are the key features?

Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription

three subscriptions available...Bronze, Silver and Gold. Subscriptions provide access to live Diesel Price Ticker and daily pricing sheet each morning

Buy/hold alerts

weekly alerts with updates on weekly average fuel prices and recommendations on whether to buy now or wait until next week, based on current price trend

Delivered-in pricing

access to live Diesel Price Ticker, regional fuel price breakdowns and daily delivered-in pricing sheet

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