Fuel Price Information Service

In partnership with Portland, our Fuel Price Information Service gives you invaluable advice on when to buy or hold fuel purchases. Sign up to our Fuel Buying Toolkits for daily or weekly, national or regional price updates and advice.

What is this service?

Our Fuel Price Information Service, provided in partnership with Portland, is an additional subscription service available to FTA members, offering various levels of market information designed to make fuel purchasing simple and understandable.

Through access to Fuel Buying Toolkits, we allow customers to see how fuel prices are calculated, enabling them to challenge suppliers on pricing, check costs against supplier/transport agreements and understand developments in the oil market.

We offer three toolkits, covering the full downstream fuel supply chain from rack to pump, to suit a range of purchase methods. Each toolkit is customisable by fuel grade, allowing you to build a subscription that suits your needs.

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What are the benefits?

Access to industry experts

Portland's team has an in-depth knowledge of the fuel industry, including the different elements that make up the diesel price and how that filters down the supply chain to the buyer. 

Region specific fuel prices

Ensure you are getting the right local fuel price with specific breakdowns for your region. Portland provides daily fuel price assessments, constantly updating fuel price information as it becomes available.

Save money on fuel

With access to minute-by-minute daily fuel prices, daily or weekly price updates and suggestions on when to buy or hold your fuel purchases, you can save hundreds of pounds on each full load.


What are the key features?

Wholesale Toolkit

The Wholesale Toolkit shows underlying cost prices as traded in North-West Europe and can be used by FTA members purchasing fuel to benchmark supply quotes and monitor variance in supplier premiums.


The Wholesale Toolkit includes:

  • Monitoring live prices
  • Daily & weekly benchmark prices
  • Strategic purchasing alerts
  • Fuel grade options: Diesel, Gas Oil, Petrol

Delivered-In Toolkit

The Delivered-In Toolkit shows average bulk prices (including delivery and transport costs). FTA members can use this information to benchmark existing supply contracts and to calculate or monitor fuel escalators.

The Delivered-In Toolkit includes:

  • Access the UK national average
  • Identify regional variations
  • Calculate fuel surcharges
  • Fuel price checker
  • Fuel grade options: Diesel, Gas Oil

Forecourt Toolkit

The Forecourt Toolkit shows average prices available on forecourts throughout the UK. FTA members can use this gain insight into forecourt prices locally and nationally.      

The Forecourt Toolkit includes:

  • Retail price map
  • Access to local and national forecourt prices
  • Five day price trend checker
  • Fuel grades options: Diesel, Petrol

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