ER Data Hub

A low cost solution bringing together all the data you need for Earned Recognition

An introduction to the ER Data Hub

We’ve utilised FTA’s years of expertise as a trusted organisation within the industry to develop the ER Data Hub and have created it as an independent not-for-profit solution to DVSA’s Earned Recognition.

The ER Data Hub is designed to address the challenge of capturing 100 per cent of your fleet data. You can be confident that data supplied is held confidentially, securely and not used for commercial gain.

For more information download the ER Data Hub brochure

Introducing FTA’s low cost solution for DVSA’s Earned Recognition

We know that collecting data from multiple sources can prove challenging and costly, and so using FTA expertise, we have developed an industry-leading software solution to DVSA’s Earne Recognition.

The ER Data Hub takes your vehicle maintenance data from multiple sources, integrates it, and reports against DVSA KPIs. The ER Data Hub can also integrate driver data if you have multiple tachograph analysis providers or a provider with no ER solution for driver KPIs.

Benefits of ER Data Hub

All your vehicle KPIs, driver KPIs, or both, in one easy-to-use dashboard

Endorsed by DfT

Integrate driver data from multiple tachograph analysis providers

Not-for-profit solution created by the industry, for the industry

Supported by DVSA, major manufacturers and data platforms

Trusted, expert provider

About Earned Recognition

Earned Recognition (ER) is a voluntary initiative devised by Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to prove that you meet certain driver and vehicle standards. You are measured on a four weekly basis by a set of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

If you are accepted into Earned Recognition, you will be recognised as an exemplary operator. You will therefore be less likely to have your vehicles stopped at the roadside for inspections, and less likely to have the DVSA enforcement staff visit your premises. 


The scheme is designed to work for HGV or PSV operators of all sizes who meet the following criteria:

Access to a systems provider that can measure your drivers’ hours and maintenance results against the DVSA predefined KPIs, and automatically email DVSA on a four weekly basis

Achieve a satisfactory standard following a DVSA Earned Recognition audit

A track record of good compliance with driver and vehicle standards

Have digital maintenance and drivers’ hours systems in place

Have held an operator license for at least two years

More information

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