Operator Licence Audit

A full audit of an operators’ systems to demonstrate conformity with the operator licence undertakings. This is a standalone product but can also be used for the purposes of Earned Recognition or Truck Excellence. The audit consists of 9 sections covering the transport operation and management systems. 
The audit is aligned to the DVSA audit standards for Earned Recognition (ER). It enables operators to identify areas where ‘standards are met’ and where areas for improvement need to be addressed.  

The audit will be undertaken by one of our competent and qualified auditors at a location(s) most suitable to demonstrate your systems. Driver and vehicle files must also be available for sampling during the audit. Following their audit day with you, a comprehensive, documented report will be produced clearly identifying where standards have been met and where opportunities lie for improvement.


For who the audit is designed?

This audit is suitable for operators seeking to verify systems in place to meet their operator licence undertakings. Aligned to DVSA’s Earned Recognition standards, this audit will satisfy DVSA’s requirements for an Earned Recognition audit or provide an operator with an audit comparison.


What does the audit cover?

Click here to find out the 9 key sections of the Earned Recognition Audit.

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Operator Licence or Traffic Commissioner Directed Audit