Operational Consultancy

Quality advice from FTA's operational consultancy team. Benefit from unparalleled experience, specialist staff, proven cost savings and increased awareness of legislation. Knowledgeable and professional advice and tailored solutions for your operational problems.

An independent perspective on difficult operational matters can not only provide answers but also unlock savings, increase performance and reduce risk you did not know you had

FTA consultants have a rare breadth of experience drawn from an impressive range of organisations and sectors that they can bring to bear on the unique operational issues you might be facing.



What is operational consultancy at FTA?

FTA consultants are very much ‘transport people’, having had deep immersion in a range of logistics organisations throughout their careers.  The consultants apply their knowledge and experience at a practical level, providing workable client-led solutions to tricky operational problems.  

They are often asked: “How can I improve fleet efficiency?”, “Is our operation meeting required standards?”, “I’ve a Public Inquiry and I need to have my systems and processes reviewed”, “How do we compare to other businesses in the sector?”, “What can I do to prepare for Brexit?”, “How can I increase my workplace transport safety?” or “What are the opportunities presented by the apprenticeship levy?”

They guarantee advice and solutions grounded in the real world of transport operations and the practicalities of the industry.


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Core consultancy services

Dangerous goods advice

Stay compliant


Public Inquiry Help

Rely on FTA’s experience


Workplace transport safety

Optimise your site’s efficiency and safety


Brexit information centre

Set up for Brexit and be prepared


Operations efficiency

Improve your supply chain and scheduling


Engineering investigations

Resolve complicated vehicle engineering issues


Apprenticeship Levy consulting

Make it work for you 


FTA Consultants are familiar with challenges across a range of sectors…

Freight and logistics

Where efficiency is paramount, and regulatory compliance can make the difference between business success or failure


Just-in-time delivery and complex supply chain management issues lend themselves to peer group benchmarking and process review


Changing consumer behaviours mean that the mining and analysis of delivery performance data can be the key to critical changes in process or even a business model

Utilities companies

Vehicles are an essential part of a utilities company operation. The company’s fleet needs to be safe and compliant as well as efficient and able to meet customers’ needs

Commercial vehicle sales and leasing

Facing the challenges associated with rapid expansion as UK business shifts from owning to hiring commercial vehicles. With sizeable fleets identifying and solving even minor issues can lead to a dramatic increase in performance (ROI)

Local authorities and emergency services

Complex special purpose vehicles creating unique inspection challenges, and large fleets that fall subject to Operator licence regulations. Increasing fleet operations efficiency allows you to tackle budget cuts as well as to keep the operation compliant with all current regulations

Why FTA?

  • Unique position within the industry - we are the transport industry’s leading trade association with talent drawn from all corners of the sector.
  • Unparalleled experience - we have got extensive experience in developing industry legislation, benchmarking and research.
  • Specialist staff - our team of expert consultants have worked to a senior level in all areas of transport.
  • Proven cost savings - we have a track record for reducing costs, improving profits and increasing efficiency.
  • Compliance – our consultants will make sure that your operations are fully compliant with the UK and European rules and regulations.

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Benefits for your organisation

Avoid fines and penalties

Comply fully with instructions from enforcement agencies such as the Office of the Traffic Commissioner or DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency)

Improve business returns

Outperform your peer group through our sector benchmarking reviews

Improve operational efficiency

Through services such as supply chain optimisation and routeing and scheduling

Plan for Brexit

Take remedial action now to reduce the disruptive effective of uncertainty and change

Reduce risk

Increased attendance and reduced compliance exposure through workplace transport safety reviews and our advice around policy development, operational processes and training

Resolve engineering queries

Commission us to investigate and resolve complex issues surrounding vehicle faults, collisions or maintenance procedures

Want more information or simply get in touch?

If you are facing operating or health and safety issues that are causing your concern, you need to optimise your transport processes or you’re worried about the impact of Brexit please give us a call for a confidential and no obligation discussion on 01892 552374*.

Alternatively download our operational consultancy services brochure or complete our online enquiry form. We would be delighted to discuss your particular area of concern or any of the matters raised here.

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