Apprenticeship Levy Information Service

As of April 2018, ‘levy-paying businesses’ had contributed £2.3billion into the Apprenticeship Levy, but so far in England business have only withdrawn 8% of the fund, and the number of logistics apprenticeships in the UK has actually fallen since the introduction of the levy.

Apprenticeship Levy Help

It is a fact that apprenticeships can help your business upskill staff and develop new talent – the trick is understanding how to effectively tap into the fund and make it work for you. FTA consultants can help you define the optimum training programmes for your business, navigate the complexities of using the funds and complying with the rules, and help you identify appropriate partner organisations to deliver the requirements (‘Apprenticeship Levy – one year on’). 

  • Develop a strategy to access the apprenticeship levy and guide you through the bureaucracy
  • Let us help you review and then specify your training needs
  • Where relevant deliver the high-quality training required to meet your needs
  • Identify how you can convert these needs into legitimate ‘qualifying’ apprenticeships and attract funding from the levy pool
  • Support you in identifying and contracting lead providers, sub-contractors (or moving towards becoming an employer provider) and assessment organisations as necessary

Order a diagnostic review…

Why not take advantage of our Apprenticeship Levy diagnostic review to see how you might be able to access the funding that you could be entitled to. This is your money after all!


Our Initial Diagnostic Assessment Meeting

A two-hour high-level meeting to explore how you might unlock potential funding….

  • Which of your operational areas are more of less likely to provide an opportunity to create a positive return on investment?
  • Identification of the specific areas that would benefit from a more detailed analysis?
  • And what are the peripheral areas associated with your existing talent management processes that may identify risk that should be reviewed in any case?

The information will be supplied in a concise report following the meeting and can be further supported by a telephone discussion to talk it through.

What you get

During the meeting we will usually explore three key areas:

  1. Your previous and existing talent management solutions, processes and successes/challenges
  2. The local labour market and potential opportunities/challenges
  3. Your business plan for the next 1, 2, and 3-5 years specifically related to talent

At the end of the meeting you will have a better understanding of:

  1. What the apprenticeship levy means and how it really works
  2. The main ‘players’ involved in apprenticeship management and delivery
  3. What other non-apprenticeship solutions may be explored to support your business goals

The price of the review is £1000 excl VAT.

If you would like to set up the free exploratory call or to order a review, please get in touch with operational consultancy team…

Want more information or simply get in touch?

If you are facing operating or health and safety issues that are causing your concern, you need to optimise your transport processes or you’re worried about the impact of Brexit please give us a call for a confidential and no obligation discussion on 01892 552374*.

Alternatively download our apprenticeship levy brochure or complete our online enquiry form. We would be delighted to discuss your particular area of concern or any of the matters raised here.

* Calls may be recorded

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