Transport company

A medium sized transport company with a small warehouse is paying the levy and accruing approximately £450 in their levy account each month. The company has historically taken a few people into its warehouse as operatives training them on the job, with some later going on to gain a vocational licence. They’ve advertised for and employed drivers and office staff as needed.

There is no culture of up-skilling employees through structured internal development programmes and the company does not employ anybody who is tasked with specifically managing this area. The Managing director wishes to use the levy to take on apprentice drivers as the company is struggling to attract drivers to man their existing vehicles.

Following a quick review of the company’s existing structure, its stated business objectives related to employees, and the local labour market intelligence it becomes clear that the best return on investment for the levy should be allocated to developing office staff towards better managing the operation.

The company will continue to develop employees through the warehouse and then support licence acquisition later in their careers through employee training loans. A follow up meeting is agreed to progress operational management solutions.