Subscription Services

Guide to Van Excellence Subscription

The Guide to Van Excellence is valuable for all van operators, regardless of fleet size or industry sector.


Operator Licence Compliance and Information Service

OLCIS is designed for all those that are tasked with the operation of their organisation's operator licensed vehicle fleet. 


Passenger Transport Information and Compliance Service

PTICS is for all organisations that operate their own passenger carrying road vehicles (PCVs). This can be a taken as a full membership in itself or bolted-on to another membership.


Manager's Guide to Distribution Costs

This annual guide lets you effectively monitor your transport costs using expert advice and quarterly updates on wages trends, vehicle operating costs and haulage rate trends, as well as forecasts and information on warehouse costs and how to manage fuel costs.  


European Information Service

The European Information Service is valuable for businesses that operate on the European continent.


European Multimodal Service

An informative subscription service available for all those with interests in the issues affecting logistics throughout Europe, with regular Brexit and Brussels updates.


European Road Freight Service

A subscription service available for all those involved in operating vehicles in and out of mainland Europe and beyond.