Tachograph Analysis

What is Tachograph analysis?

Tachograph analysis involves a team of dedicated staff who analyse and interpret your drivers’ hours data for you. We analyse over 20 million analogue and digital drivers' records each year, providing detailed reports highlighting areas for development and giving you immediate access to infringements.

How does it work?

Simply submit your tachograph records to our analysis bureau and our team of advisers will analyse and interpret the data. We will then supply you with comprehensive reports outlining any infringements or errors.

If you have both analogue and digital records, we can combine the data to produce a seamless report, providing you with one simple management overview.

You can upload your digital tachograph data via a wide range of digital solutions including remote products, such as the Digipostpro and Digifobpro, or using our cutting-edge tachograph analysis software with the FTA Uploader. You can submit analogue charts to Tachograph either by pre-paid FTA postal bags*, or using an FTA scanner and Smartscan software. 

*Available in UK only and minimum charge applies.

What are the benefits of FTA Tachograph analysis?

Our Tachograph analysis service has the following advantages:

Reduces costs

We charge per driver per day so you only pay for what you use. Furthermore we do not charge you for re-scans or vehicle unit (VU) data and postage of charts is pre-paid for by FTA.

Increases compliance

Detailed reports highlight any infringements or areas for development and full industry benchmarking is available at no extra cost. 

Provides peace of mind 

Your charts are thoroughly analysed and interpreted by a team of experts.

Further information

Please get in touch for full details of how we can help with your tachograph and drivers' hours processes

For more information please complete our online enquiry form or alternatively call us on 03717 11 22 22*

FTA members can also access further information and advice on tachographs and drivers' hours regulations through our online advice portal or by contacting our Member Advice Centre.

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