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Carriage of Dangerous Goods for Air, Road and Sea

AIR (IATA) – Legislation requires that all staff involved in the packing, documentation or handling of dangerous goods by air complete a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved training course. This requirement is met by attending a Dangerous Goods by Air Certificate course. Your certificate must then be revalidated at intervals of no longer than 2 years by completing a refresher course and successfully passing the CAA exam. 

SEA (IMDG) – The regulations require that all shore based staff involved with the transport of dangerous by sea require training. This includes those who prepare documentation, classify, pack, mark, label and prepare shipments of dangerous goods. 

ROAD (ADR) – Training is required for all staff who may classify, pack, mark, or label dangerous goods which will be consigned by road. 

Who should attend?

  • Increasingly, customers are finding it necessary to be dangerous goods qualified in the three principle modes of transport – air, sea and road. It has in the past been necessary to attend each full course
  • Because of the considerable amount of common ground covered by these courses, it is possible to offer one-day ‘top-up’ sessions which follow-on from a DG by Air course

Benefits of attending

  • This 5 day course comprises of 3 days Dangerous Goods by Air, 1 day by Sea and 1 day by Road. The course is offered at a discounted rate to the individual courses and only available to students booking all 5 days

  • Refresher training: Whilst this course is targeted primarily at students who have received no previous dangerous goods training, the course is open to anyone, and can be used as refresher training in all three modes

Course content

  • Days 1–3: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, dangerous goods lists, classification, prohibitions, limited quantities, packing instructions, marking and labelling, shipper’s responsibilities, carrier and government exceptions, carrier’s responsibilities, documentation, checks, CAA examination
  • Day 4: IMDG Regulations, specific requirements for sea transport, assessment
  • Day 5: ADR Regulations, specific requirements for road transport, assessment

Course duration

5 days. 


  • Price includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments
  • Also includes the Civil Aviation Authority certificate fee of £9 per student for the Air Certificate course

Please notify us of any special requirements or access arrangements at the time of booking.