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eDCPC Road Legal

This course offers an in-depth review of road traffic law to support a driver’s knowledge of navigating roads safely and securely with confidence.

Benefits of attending: 

  • Offers detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal responsibilities in being ready for the road.
  • Increased awareness of vehicle security.
  • Improved ability on how to assess, react and respond in emergency and breakdown situations.
  • Supports basic principles of emergency care in the event of third party injury. ∞ Comprehensive guidance on completion of incident report forms in event of a road traffic collision.

Course content:

  • Are you ready for the road?
  • Is your vehicle ready for the road?
  • Driving on the road: – Highway Code. – Load safety. – Bridge strikes.
  • Enforcement procedures and penalties.
  • Emergencies.
  • What to do at the scene of an accident.