Political and commercial uncertainty surrounding Brexit will create risk within supply chains but also potential opportunities for UK businesses. To assist members, we are offering a suite of international trade courses, in conjunction with the Institute of Export and International Trade. 

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An Introduction to Exporting – Physical Goods

International markets offer huge opportunities for UK businesses. Finding and developing new markets for products is a hugely valuable avenue for expansion and in some sectors in particular, global demand for British brands and products makes international trade an excellent means of growth. Selling internationally is very complex but, as with most things, easy with help and appropriate training. 

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An Introduction to Importing

Suppliers around the world offer a wide variety of goods that might suit your business. You might be able to find lower-priced supplies, giving you a competitive edge, or new supplies that allow you to sell a completely different product. Just as when you buy within the UK, it is important to find good suppliers, make sure they offer what you want and negotiate the right deal. 

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Effective Incoterms®

Incoterms® comprise some of the most widely used, but most misunderstood, aspects within international trade; they can impact on a number of areas of a company’s operations, including sales, accounts, shipping, operations, compliance and customer service.   

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International Documentation and Customs Compliance 

When importing or exporting the right paperwork is crucial. Missing or inaccurate documents can increase risks, lead to delays and extra costs, or even prevent a deal from being completed. Understanding the regulations and related compliance is essential to generating and retaining profits.   

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Post-Brexit Planning Workshop

Trade statistics show that the European Union is the destination for about half of all British goods exports. The trading links are bigger if we include the countries that the United Kingdom trades freely with because of the free trade agreement with the European Union. The task to reach a new trade agreement with the European Union following the Brexit vote will be complex. 

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