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Alcohol Testing in the Workplace



This course is designed to train collecting officers – those who perform in-house alcohol tests. It covers alcohol limits, tolerance and processing levels, best practice procedures and practical use of the breathalysers. 

Who should attend? 

  • Collecting officers. Those who will or already perform alcohol tests with a breathalyser in the workplace 
  • Managers who handle employee discussions following positive alcohol readings from the in-house alcohol tests 

Benefits of attending 

  • Learn about what the limits for drink driving mean 
  • Understand how we tolerate and process alcohol 
  • Learn from examples of past disputes in regards to alcohol testing in the workplace and how to avoid them 
  • Learn to apply best practice testing procedures that are efficient to you and fair to your employees 

Course content 

  • Alcohol limits, tolerance and processing times 
  • Alcohol company policy advice 
  • Alcohol testing best practice 
  • Hands on experience with the breathalyser your company uses 

Course assessment 

Delegates will be required to complete a course assessment. On completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued. 

Course duration 

Maximum 8 delegates. 


  • Both alcohol and drug testing courses are half day and can be combined into a 1-day course. Price: £850 + VAT
  • This course is ONLY available on an in-company basis. For more information please email or call 03717 11 22 22

In-Company Course

This course is in-company only. Enquire today for more details.