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UK Alcohol and Drug Testing in the Workplace

Leeds, Stirling



This course is designed to assist members looking to adapt or review their alcohol and drug testing procedure. The course covers best practice procedures for your policy and testing, as well as practical use on drugs and alcohol testing equipment. 

Who should attend? 

  • Managers responsible for implementing and updating the company alcohol and drug policy 
  • Those who implement or manage alcohol and drug testing in their workplace 
  • Managers who conduct disciplinaries for positive test results 

Benefits of attending 

  • Learn from examples of past disputes in regards to alcohol and drug testing in the workplace and how to avoid them 
  • Learn to apply best practice testing procedures that are efficient to you and fair to your employees 
  • Gain up-to-date knowledge on relevant laws and regulations, as well as a background on alcohol limits and different types of drugs 
  • Discover the best method of drug testing for your workplace 

Course content 

  • Alcohol limits, tolerance and processing times 
  • Alcohol company policy advice 
  • Alcohol testing best practice 
  • Hands on experience with breathalysers 
  • Methods of drug testing 
  • Drugs of abuse 
  • Drug policy advice including testing procedures such as random 
  • Practical use with drug testing screening equipment 
  • Chain of custody procedure for following positive screening tests 

Course assessment 

Delegates will be required to answer questions of topics covered throughout the course. On successful completion, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued. 

Course duration 

1 day. Maximum 10 delegates. 

This course is also available as an in-company option. For more information please email or call 03717 11 22 22.