This section is focused on ‘skills based’ competencies, whether in the workshop, in the yard, or out on the road.  

This year, we have improved our support services to FTA qualified driver assessors, by launching ‘Drive-ASSESS’. This dedicated website gives assessors access to resources, information and they can also keep track of their CPD.  

Our range of engineering courses addresses the cornerstone of operator licensing: vehicle maintenance. Effectiveness in this area safeguards public safety but also demonstrates effective risk management and delivers commercial benefits. 

With FTA’s technical training, your organisation benefits from: 

  • industry best practice – ensuring your drivers and vehicles remain safe and cost effective 
  • peace of mind – only qualified and quality-assured Instructors and engineers conduct our training 
  • all Train-the-Trainer courses come with the supporting materials required to cascade training throughout your organisation 
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Categorisation of Defects (HGV/PSV)

This course is designed to equip and develop vehicle inspection technicians, workshop supervisors and engineering managers with the relevant information and skills to make informed decisions on vehicle defects. 

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Driver Assessments

This course is designed for drivers of all types of goods vehicles to assess their current driving practices and provide the relevant corrective training. An assessment is conducted over a designated route. Drivers must already hold the appropriate full category of licence entitlement to drive the vehicle. A full report is issued to the employer for each driver. 

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Driver Walk Around and Defect Assessment (HGV/PSV)

This course ensures that drivers fully understand their responsibilities when carrying out walk around checks. It also helps delegates to identify defects, to ensure operator compliance and prevent possible prohibitions and on-the spot fines. Aimed primarily at drivers and supervisors, this course outlines the importance of conducting regular vehicle checks. PSV operations course is also available. 

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FTA Driver Assessor Certificate

This course focuses on the practical aspects of driver assessment and corrective training. It is an extremely cost-effective way of providing training throughout a company. Subsequent ‘in-house’ training will ensure that drivers are taught about safe and responsible conduct, giving consideration to fuel economy and other road users.  

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FTA Driver Assessor Certificate – Revalidation Course

This course is designed for candidates who have previously completed the Driver Assessor Certificate course and wish to revalidate their certificate.

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irtec Licence - Technical Staff Competency Assessments

The irtec Licence is a qualification developed for vehicle technicians in the HGV, PCV and trailer sectors. It is a nationally recognised certificate which demonstrates to any employer in the road transport industry that an inspection technician has reached a required standard to undertake vehicle inspections. 

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LCV Inspection Procedures and Standards – Coming May 2018 

This course is designed to equip and develop vehicle inspection technicians, workshop supervisors and engineering managers with the relevant information and skills to raise light commercial vehicle (LCV) inspection standards. The course also gives an insight into the knowledge requirements for candidates wishing to undertake the irtec Light Inspection Licence, underpinning knowledge test and practical assessment. 

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Reversing Assistant - Train the Trainer

This course enables delegates to train internal employees in the skills required to guide reversing vehicles and ensure appropriate health and safety measures are met.

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Reversing Assistant 

This course is designed to provide delegates with the required skills to perform their duties safely and efficiently and to minimise the risk of costly accidents, potential injuries and fatalities when manoeuvring vehicles on company premises or the public highway. It has been developed for those involved in guiding vehicles, ensuring that the appropriate health and safety measures are met. 

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Safety of Loads on Vehicles

This course is practical and classroom-based. It is aimed at drivers and loaders of goods vehicles. It provides delegates with the knowledge and skills to deal with basic load configurations in a safe and efficient manner. 

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