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Driver CPC - Road Legal

Belfast, Bristol + 5 more

This course offers an in-depth review of road traffic law to support a driver’s knowledge of navigating roads safely and securely with confidence. 

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Driver CPC - Safe Urban Driving


Safe Urban Driving (SUD) is essential training for all commercial drivers operating HGVs regularly in the urban environment and where there are high volumes of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians.

SUD is a 1-day course that consists of 2 x 3.5 hour modules, 1 classroom-based module and 1 practical module where drivers can get on bikes for a cyclist’s view of the road, giving a great insight into what it is like to be riding alongside larger vehicles. Aiming to make the attendee more aware of their actions.

In-Company training


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Driver CPC - SAFEDrive

Warrington, Leeds + 3 more

Being Safe and Fuel Efficient 

Fuel efficient driving techniques can save 3 per cent of the annual fuel bill, however to achieve the saving we need to educate drivers in how to achieve this. This 1-day classroom theory course is aimed at all professional goods drivers but is also beneficial for driver trainers and fleet managers. It is designed to update drivers in the use of the technology and techniques required to drive safely whilst optimising fuel efficiency. 

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Driver CPC - Safety First

Belfast, Stevenage + 6 more


This Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) course is designed to encourage a positive workplace safety culture, concentrating on high-risk workplace transport activities such as pre-driving checks, driving manoeuvres, and loading and unloading procedures.


Belfast, Bristol, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Stevenage, Stirling, Tunbridge Wells, Warrington, In-company training

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Driver CPC - Smart Motorways

Warrington, Tunbridge Wells + 1 more

This course has been developed in partnership with Highways England, to support the logistics industry and engage with drivers on the benefits of using Smart motorway systems. 

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Driver CPC - Truck Smart


This course is designed to educate drivers on the need to remain compliant when driving an HGV commercially on public roads.


The objectives and learning outcomes will help to raise compliance standards, protect the operator’s licence and ensure that commercial vehicle drivers understand the enforcement regulations and the powers of the enforcement agencies managing our road network.

In-Company training


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Driver CPC - Vehicle Safety

Leeds, Stirling + 4 more

This course provides best practice advice and guidance and encourages understanding of driver and operator responsibilities with regards to maintaining a vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition. 

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Driver CPC - Vulnerable Road Users

Warrington, Stirling + 4 more

This classroom theory course is aimed at all professional drivers of goods. It will assist drivers in identifying the many types of vulnerable road users and also provide the tools to change perception and develop a responsible attitude towards these groups of road users. 

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Driver CPC - Your Health Matters

Twickenham, Alvaston + 1 more

This 1-day course is aimed at professional drivers of goods vehicles and is designed to promote driver health and wellbeing via interactive workshop sessions that focus on a typical driver’s daily routine. It includes advice and guidance to reduce work-related road risk and motivate behaviour changes in relation to general health and wellbeing. 

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Driver CPC Trainer Qualification


This 5-day course is specifically designed for those who are or wish to become a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) trainer. It teaches topics such as session planning and delivery, and managing responsibilities as a CPC trainer.   

The course leads to an iCQ recognised qualification that will equip new trainers with the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver Driver CPC training. It also provides excellent Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options for more experienced trainers providing them with a recognised qualification and refresher training.   

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