Van drivers are vital to the UK economy in every way imaginable. The van sector has grown into a substantial part of the motor industry and has increasingly been put under the spotlight for the general public, legislators and enforcement authorities.

With changes to sentencing guidelines, companies and individuals are, more than ever, culpable for breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Fines are dependent on turnover and, in the case of larger companies, these could reach millions of pounds. Sentences imposed upon individuals are more severe and the likelihood of custodial sentences for directors is also greater.

To improve road safety and prevent accidents, high-quality training is one of the essential principles cited in the HSE publication Leading Health and Safety at Work. With this in mind, our Van Excellence Accredited Operators have created meaningful training standards by which the entire industry can be measured.

With FTA’s Van Excellence training you benefit from:

  • reduced risks, fewer accidents, and lower costs.

  • evidence of management intent.

  • increased road safety.

  • increased productivity.

  • evidence of accountability.

The courses we offer cover a range of areas and are adapted to different roles in the transport industry to give you the specific training you are looking for, whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional.  

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Van Excellence - Directors


This course - for directors, senior managers and anyone responsible for managing van fleet safety - tackles the challenges of implementing a safety-first culture, and how these challenges can be overcome by focusing on key performance areas such as driver competence, vehicle standards and operational processes.   

In-company training

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Van Excellence – Driver Certificate of Competence

This course aims to address work-related road risk and create a learning pathway for driver development. By raising training standards, the risks created by non-compliant drivers are mitigated, and evaluating training by assessment demonstrates that knowledge has been received and understood. The Van Excellence Driver Certificate of Competence has been developed in conjunction with Van Excellence Accredited Operators.

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Van Excellence – Industry Suppliers


This course is designed to provide a wealth of best practice guidance which will assist the staff of businesses supplying vehicle operators.

This Van Excellence for Industry Suppliers course is based upon the best practice guidelines detailed in the FTA Van Excellence Code.

In-company training

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Van Excellence – Managing Van Operations

Warrington, Stirling + 3 more


The course is designed to raise standards across van operations and is aimed at van drivers and individuals engaged in the management or supervision of van fleets.

Managing Van Operations is based upon the best practice guidelines detailed in the FTA Van Excellence Code and provides best practice guidance for operating safely, legally and efficiently.


Leamington Spa, Leeds, Stirling, Tunbridge Wells, Warrington, In-company training

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