FTA’s in-house cutting-edge compliance platform, specifically designed to enable you to leverage insights to drive efficiency, cut costs, increase performance and reduce risk. Find out how Vision can help you take control of your compliance...

What is Vision?

A powerful platform allowing users to manage driver and fleet compliance via a single portal.

Born from decades of experience leading the industry and our clients’ driver and fleet compliance, Vision has been specifically designed to incorporate insights from our industry-leading services such as Tachograph Analysis, Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), Training and more.The amalgamation and analysis of data through a single platform provides a unique view of your organisation through a single view of your drivers and fleets. Vision also offers integration with third party data, such as telematics and remote downloads, to feed critical compliance-related data into the system for storage, analysis and management.

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What are the benefits?

Control your compliance

Vision is the leading driver and fleet compliance platform, developed by the industry experts in compliance.

Drive efficiency

Achieve transparency by bringing your data sources into one dashboard. Vision’s intuitive user interface and powerful analytics tools make it faster and easier than ever to manage, control and analyse all of your compliance data, from whatever source.

Benchmark your operation

Users can benchmark data both internally and externally, across multiple locations and peer groups - making it easy to identify where savings can be made or performance improved.

Cut costs

A single view of your compliance not only saves time, but provides savings where you may have been using multiple systems to gain management information.

What is available to view through Vision?

Management information is available for those taking the following FTA services:

What our members say

The quick overview of driver activities during a shift (ie summary of drive, work, POA) without having to navigate away from the screen means it is a lot easier to keep track of drivers’ daily and weekly drive times to help when planning drivers’ work. Multiple manual entry capability across drivers means that this can be done in minutes rather than the cumbersome task of entering data daily and the simple key makes it clear what the entry is for.

The biggest thing for me is the whole look of the new software – it shows how FTA is evolving with technology to supply members with a modern system to manage drivers’ hours and monitor vehicle activity, bringing the software up-to-date with competitors and opening up the possibilities for additional features in the future.

Anna Griffin


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